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Environmental Equipment Manufacturing
We produce waste processing equipment (solid waste - tires) Emission treatment systems - Water supply systems

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Laser cutting of metal is the ability to obtain high-quality parts in the shortest possible time for the production of equipment
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Laser cutting
Laser cutting
Pyrolysis module
Pyrolysis module
Sheet metal bending
Sheet metal bending
Pyrolysis module
Pyrolysis module

Production of metal products to order of various configurations, metalworking and sheet metal processing


Work examples


20 years of experience in the industry metal processing
We have a wide range of equipment for metal sheet processing: laser, punching press, sheet bending machines.

Effective bending for us and our customers means precision, speed and the highest quality.

Automatic search for the desired program using a 2D scanner. Programming is the foundation of bending.
The TecZone Bend software simulates the bending in 3D and automatically checks its feasibility.
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All work is clearly timed and always completed on time specified in the contract
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Product quality
Our company has a very high reliability rating in all respects, so we have many regular customers
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Experienced professionals
Licensed to design and manufacture equipment for nuclear power plants


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